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“I did it! Tired, relieved and proud of myself. Finished last Wednesday. Now home and resting up. Not too late for that donation!” — Ian

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Ian has reached his destination — the cairn to pioneer Lachlan MacLean in Lower Washabuck!



Hi, everyone!

The blog posts for the Ride For Duart are posted as if they were in real time. In other words, events for Day 1 are posted with a publishing date of June 13. This is to keep everything in chronological order when everything is up on the blog.

This means you may think there is nothing new on the blog because the top post appears the same, but if you were to scroll down through, you would find posts you hadn’t yet seen. So just take a moment to scroll down and click on previous pages. You will likely find a number of new stories to check out.

As of this moment, the blog is updated to the morning of Saturday, June 15.  So if you are looking for a particular event after that, it is still coming down the pipe.

Another for Hector!

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