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It has been a couple of months since I have posted on this blog.  It’s not for lack of ideas — oh, no!  I have ideas coming out my ears! — but a lack of quality “butt in chair” time.  So as I sit here, with a welcome drizzle happening outside, please indulge me in a little catching up:

First of all, I was back in the classroom, substituting, at least once a week throughout the month of June, and — although I was quite concerned about the amount of COVID-19 in our area — was pleased to be there.

I have found one particular place that I would like to make my “main school” for the coming year, and I’m excited about that.  I’ve received my paperwork for 2022-2023, and will fill it out in the next week.  So hard to believe that my first year substitute-teaching was 1999-2000!

June went fast, but had a lot of joy.  A student I began tutoring as a 12-year-old in grade seven, when her anxiety was debilitating to the point that she could not walk into the school building, received her high school diploma on June 23.

I was so excited for her and her family, and so very proud.  She is the strongest kid I have ever worked with, and I have been tutoring since 1993.  I attended the graduation, took lots of pictures, and only cried a little bit. 😉

The day after M’s graduation, our household welcomed a gorgeous, three-year-old, German Shepherd / Alsatian named Gracie.  Gracie is originally from north-west Texas, and transported here through the cooperative efforts of three rescues.

We love her to bits (well, the cats are slowly coming around), and although we have a lot to learn about each other, it is going really well.  I intend to start a blog for (by?) Gracie soon.  She’s amazing.

Health-wise, the treatment regimen for my autoimmune disease was tweaked in June.  I will be receiving my IV every six weeks instead of eight, as I was finding the effects of the medication were wearing off early.  Hopefully that will do the trick!  I have plans to complete my 30th (and likely final) season of tour-guiding this summer and fall, and I need to keep the symptoms at bay.  I want to still be on top of my game when I hang up my mic for good.

July was just as wonderful, and jam-packed full.  The first twelve days need a post all on their own.  I will try to get that written up and posted in the next couple of days.

How have you been the last couple of months?



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  • I love so many things about this blog post but mostly I like how you are so happy about getting back out there post(?) pandemic and how your heart has expanded thanks to Gracie! XO

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