Do You Wordle?

I do the Wordle puzzle every day, and post it on my Facebook so that my fellow Wordlers in my Friends list can compare and contrast.  I think it’s fun.

Naturally, not everyone out there is a fan of this year’s most popular online word puzzle.  And that’s okay.  There are plenty of things in this world that I’m not particularly interested in, either.  (Like NASCAR.  I don’t get it.  And that’s okay.)

But what’s not okay is people complaining about people posting their scores on their own social media feeds.

My friend and I were talking about this today, and she actually had someone say something to her face.  With everything going on in this world, people are so offended by an innocuous little graphic and a handful of characters, that they confront and try to control someone they know, instead of controlling what they look at, if it’s really that upsetting?


Cranky people.

Cranky people making me cranky.

CRANKY has six letters, so that can’t be the solution.

Must be LEAVE.

Day 22 of the March SOLSC 2022

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  • I have seen some posts about not liking the idea of people posting their Wordles, and I 100% totally agree with you. What does it matter to them if I post my score?!? Good grief!

  • I send my Wordle graph to my sister every morning and she sends hers to me – so much fun! You can post whatever you want on your FB page. Tell the cranky ones to keep scrolling!

  • My husband and I compare wordles every day. I can’t believe we’ve become this type of couple, but whatever. My daughter just introduced me to a new game– semantle. Go check it out if you want to be 1 million times more frustrated than you get with wordle.

  • I totally agree! I resisted the Wordle fad for awhile, then decided to give it a go. It is a wonderful, short stimulation for the noggin. Those who scoff… do we really care about their opinion? 🙂

  • Yes, I’ve just started doing it, but have nobody to share with. No one I know is interested. But if you want to share your scores of course you can! How silly to complain!