Flight to Safety

Flight to Safety

I do not know this woman, 
Or really all that much about her.
An elderly relative of a loved one of a friend.
I know a name, an age, a city.
Yet for fourteen days 
I have chanted these words:
Keep Nataliia safe.

Five days ago
A plan fell through
Grid-locked to Moldova
And back 
To her little apartment
In Odessa.
Keep Nataliia safe.

Three days ago,
She crossed into Romania,
Leaving behind the sunflowers.
More plans made, but
So much farther to go.
Keep Nataliia safe.

Three hours ago,
I watched
The little green plane 
On my screen,
Toronto, Ontario.

Wheels down at YYZ:
Nataliia is safe.


Day 9 of the March SOLSC 2022

This post was created as part of Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life Challenge

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