Morning Pages and Musings

I was in my late-twenties, I think, when I first heard of Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way, and Morning Pages.

The idea behind Morning Pages is pretty simple: you write — by hand — three pages of whatever is in your head as soon as you can upon waking each morning.

For about twenty years, I tried to get into the habit.  I loved the idea; it was just the execution that took awhile to make a consistent part of daily life.

Then a couple of years ago, two things happened: 1) I found my ultimate Morning Pages destination, the Itoya Profolio Oasis Notebooks (which are a dream to write in, plus assist in improving my handwriting, and 2) I decided that if I could only write one page, due to time or health constraints, then that was good enough!  And BINGO!  The habit was begun!

This morning I finished my first Morning Pages notebook of the year.  Flipping back through all of those pages was so satisfying!

And it was interesting to see, too, how much one can tell by my handwriting on any given day.  Was I rushed?  Was the autoimmune disease strongly affecting my hand that day?  Was my new kitten king-konging up the back of my chair and conducting guerilla hairstyling moves on my unsuspecting head?

Speaking of the new kitten … Bronson has a blog.  It’s a fun project to work for me to work on, when the serious writing has become a bit too hard on the head.

He has been here just five full days, and he has brought so much joy.  I love sitting at my desk, writing, while he dreams away in my lap.

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  • Karen, I took a stroll through my poetry notebook today. It is interesting to see where my head is at on any given day. I love my morning pages, but what I love most is starting my mornings with you, my friend. Cheers to many more mornings of writing together.

  • I am so impressed that you juggle so many different notebooks and writing ventures. I will now hurry over and check out Bronson’s blog hoping there is a live stream component!

  • Hi Karen, I am a huge fan of Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Kudos to you for finishing your first notebook! Morning pages have become a huge part of my morning routine. I encourage you to keep it up. Some days are harder than others, but well worth it. It’s a great way to get all of the “stuff” out of your system. I will take a look at your notebook suggestion. I love a great notebook.