Launch Countdown

Assembly Flight: 33S
Mission: Expedition: 34/35
Launch Vehicle: Soyuz TMA-07M
Launch Site: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
Description: Soyuz TMA-07M will carry three Expedition 34/35 crew members to the International Space Station.

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Use those talents you have. You will make it. You will give joy to the world. Take this tip from nature: The woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except those who sang best.

-- Bernard Meltzer

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Ever want to be a Patron of the Arts, but figured you had to be in a bigger tax bracket?

Ever want to make a real difference in someone’s life in one easy step?

You can.

This is the short version:  For four months now, I have been living the creative life — writing, making art, et cetera.  It’s going well, but things haven’t taken off at the rate I need them to.  I’ve begun applying for full-time jobs, and I’m sure I’ll find a job and get caught up soon, but here is the problem: it’s the last day of June, and (thanks to the mail delay/back-log from the strike/lock-out by Canada Post) I don’t have my studio rent for July.

I love my studio.  Not only do I write and create art here, but I also use the space to tutor kids who need extra help in reading and math.  It’s a happy space, surrounded by energetic and creative people, and it would break my heart to lose it.  My landlord is a very jovial fellow with whom I have a great working relationship, and while I’m pretty sure he won’t toss me out at the stroke of midnight tonight, nothing strains connections between people more than money owed.  I don’t want to put either of us in that position.

So I could really use some help.  And since I don’t believe in “something for nothing,” this is what I’m offering:

Become a Patron of the Arts for Just $5:

For a minimum donation of $5 to my PayPal account, you will receive the following:

  • an electronic copy of my short story, “Castles,” never before published or available anywhere but my hard drive!  It’s 14 pages (double-spaced for readability) and 3612 words.  (That’s more than seven words for every penny!  Talk about a bargain!)
  • a “Patron of the Arts” graphic like the one displayed here, personalized with your name, for display on your own blog/website.
  • your name on the “This Space Brought To You By” wall in my studio
  • bragging rights and my eternal, undying gratitude.

Once I receive the confirmation of your donation from PayPal, I will use the email address PayPal sends me to email you the story (PDF) and the personalized graphic file (PNG).  I would love to do a direct download instead, so you wouldn’t have to wait, but then I wouldn’t be able to personalize the graphic.  Time is also of the essence here and I don’t know how to do a direct download yet.

Please know that if you can help, it will mean the world to me.  Once I get a job, keeping my studio is one of my top priorities.    Even if I can only be here a couple of hours a day while I’m working somewhere else, I can still create in a space and time dedicated to that purpose.  I didn’t expect to find myself in this “will I be here tomorrow?” position, but the postal strike took me by surprise and hijacked some of my finances, as it did to many small businesses and artists out there.

Answers to questions you may have:

“How will we get the story and graphic?”

  • I will be checking my email frequently and will send the files to you as soon as I see the PayPal confirmation.

“How do we know you’re not some con artist?”

  • This blog isn’t just a fly-by-night operation.  I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into it for years now.  If you read the entries, you will know me.  Ripping people off isn’t my style. :)

“How do we know you can actually write?”

  • I am the two-time winner of the Canadian Author and Bookman Short Fiction Award (in 1990 and 1992).  You can look me up under my maiden name (Kraglund) in the Canadian Periodical Index for those years.

“Can we donate more than $5?”

  • If you want to, sure!  (Like any struggling writer/artist will say no to that!)

“What if you raise more than just your studio rent money?”

  • I will first pay this month’s studio rent, and any more than that will go towards next month’s studio rent so that the intention for the donated money will remain the same.

Again, thanks for any help you may be able to provide, and even if you are not in a position to help, just spreading the word would mean a lot too.

Here’s the button.  Thanks for your support. :)

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