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On the Eve of Something Big …

Image1Ever get the feeling you’re on the very cusp of something big?

That’s how I’m feeling today — as if 2016 is more than just a fresh start, a new calendar.  It feels as if it will be a year of fruition — a coming-together of things set in motion in February of 2012.

I am pretty excited to see what the coming year holds.

Today is a day of reflection.  What things do I want more of in 2016?  What things do I want to have less of in my life?

My two focus words for the coming year are “SIMPLIFY” and “PLAN.”

Today I am deciding where I want to be a year from now, and how I PLAN to get there.  I want to SIMPLIFY my life — streamline it, so I can focus on what matters, and eliminate as much as possible that which doesn’t.

I’m not making resolutions this year.  I am just going to be make my life even better than it already is.